Legal Aid Eligibility

With Legal Aid most of our clients can use our services free of charge, or only pay a limited contribution towards their legal bill. This however is all dependent on the area of law their case involves because not all cases are covered by Legal Aid.

We are happy to assist you to apply for Legal Aid funding in respect of Civil matters and Criminal cases. Not all civil cases are covered by legal aid. More information regarding Legal Aid and the type of cases which are covered can be found by visiting the Citizens Advice Bureau website .

If your case can be funded by Legal Aid, eligibility depends on the merits of your case and your financial circumstances. We can advise you on both criteria, however the Legal Aid Agency make the final decision.

The following documents will need to be provided to us so that we can assess your application before sending to the Legal Aid Agency:

If you are receiving state benefits: We will need your national insurance number only. If you are in receipt of one of the state benefits you are automatically eligible to receive legal aid, these benefits are listed here:

If you are employed: bank details and most recent pay slip.

You can check Legal Aid Eligibility for all cases (excluding crime) here

If you have been charged with a crime, we will need to assess whether you are eligible to receive Legal Aid and fill in all of the appropriate forms.

The Criminal Legal Aid rules and application forms can be viewed below:

If you wish for us to represent you in a criminal matter and assess you for a legal aid application please call us on 01642 247656.